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Insects: A guide to Aquatic Entomology

Among the world's millions of organisms, the phylum that contains the greatest diversity of organisms is still one that is largely unexplored. That phylum is Arthropoda. Within this phylum, one group of arthropods, the insects, will be discussed here. Trying to address the hundreds of thousands of species that either reside full time in wetland habitats, or frequent then during some portion of their life cycles would be futile. Many researches interested in the study of insects, entomologists, have dedicated their lives towards a fuller understanding of the insect world. A comprehensive treatment of aquatic entomology would entail a course of study all its' own. Due to the enormity of the subject area, I will attempt to introduce you to some of the most commonly seen insects in a wetland and aquatic habitat. The list will include representatives from each of the following habitat and lifestyle preferences:

  • Insects living their entire life cycle in an aquatic environment
  • Insects living a portion of their life cycle in an aquatic or wetland environment
  • Insects that are predominately terrestrial but frequent wetlands for a specific lifestyle function


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