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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

NIH Image Processing Activities

Monitoring the Weather

Weather Problem-Part 1


The North American Soccer League is proposing to have a regional soccer tournament in the Midwest to promote the sport of soccer. The tournament will be scheduled in the spring (April or May). (This may be changed depending on the time of year the unit is to be presented.)

They have selected the following to be first round sites of:

  • Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado
  • Laramie, Wyoming
  • Rapid City and Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Wichita, Kansas.

Second round sites would be

  • Kansas City, Kansas and Omaha, Nebraska.

The finals would be held in Memorial Stadium on the University of Nebraska campus in Lincoln, NE.

One of the key elements in the success of the tournament is the weather. A schedule must be set having the least amount of possible weather interference. Scheduling weeks and months in advance is difficult enough without having to worry about predicting what the weather will be like.


Your group has been commissioned recommend a date(s). This recommendation must be based on the following information.

  • -geologic features impacting the weather in one of the cities.
  • -historic climatological facts/probabilities about the cities weather.
  • -any other facts you can gather that will support a recommendation.


Your report may be presented in the format of your choosing (html, multimedia, video, written).

Time Frame

You will have a 2 week deadline.

Part 2

Once the date has been chosen, you are now responsible for preparing a detailed, 48 hour weather report for your chosen city.

This report must contain:

  • an explanation of the variables a meteorologist might use in making a forecast (concept map).
  • enhanced AVHRR imagery describing the weather conditions expected.
  • isobar and isotherm maps.
  • the procedure and variables used in preparing your report (concept map).
  • your actual 48 (24) hour forecast.

Time Frame

The NASL recognizes that your group has a limited knowledge of meteorology and will allow you 5 weeks to prepare the presentation.

During week one you will be in the Discovery Phase. This time will be used to identify the critical concepts in involved in preparing a weather forecast for your selected city.

Week two will be designated as the Exploration Phase. At the end of week two each group must have prepared and be able to discuss a detailed concept map describing the relationships between the concepts found during the Discovery phase.

The Imagery Phase will be during week three. In this phase the groups will use NIH Image to manipulate, enhance and interpret GOES and AVHRR Imagery.

Forecasting Phase will occur in week four. Forecasting procedures will be developed during this week. Groups will also be able to use some of the time during the week to work on their presentations.

Week five will be devoted to the Presentation Phase . Presentations may be in the mode of choice, but must include all the items listed above. Groups must have the presentations and Sunday forecasts ready to be presented on Friday.

Verification of Forecast will occur on Monday using the Weather Channel and newspaper weather reports.